Enrollment Application

2016-2017 Charter School Lottery

Thank you for your interest in our charter school. Please note that the lottery for the 2016-2017 school year is now closed. Parents/guardians can submit applications in November of 2016 when the lottery reopens for the 2017 – 2018 school year.

If you have questions about enrollment, please contact our Enrollment Counselor at Darlene.Rice@pgcps.org.

Enrollment Process Timeline

Please check back at a later time for enrollment dates.

Enrollment Process

Step One: Obtain a Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) student identification number for each student. Your child must have a PGCPS student number to be eligible to enroll.

Parents and/or legal guardians of students not currently enrolled in a PGC public school may obtain a student ID number by going to their attendance-boundary school with the following documents: proof of residence and birth certificate. Inform the registrar that you need a student ID number to complete the lottery application. (Please make an appointment prior to showing up at the boundary school.) Parents and/or legal guardians of students currently attending a PGC public school can locate the student ID number on your child’s report card or obtain it from the registrar at your child’s current school.

Step Two: Complete the online Lottery Application. You must fill out the entire application form in order to be eligible. After submitting the application, you will be prompted to review all the information on the application form. You MUST click “Apply” in order for the application to be submitted completely. If you need assistance during this process, please contact our Enrollment Counselor at (301) 383-1899.

Please note: You may only apply for enrollment at ONE of these four Imagine schools: Imagine Andrews, Imagine Foundations at Leeland, Imagine Foundations at Morningside, and Imagine Lincoln. If you have a secondary choice for a school, please indicate that choice at the bottom of Section 2 on the online application form. Enrollment is determined by a lottery system, and completion of your child’s application does not guarantee entrance into the school.

Step Three: After the lottery has been held, parents/guardians will receive information regarding acceptance or wait-list status, along with detailed instructions for accepting seat and physical enrollment at the school

Step Four: Parents/guardians of children who have been accepted must inform the Imagine school of intent to enroll.

Step Five: Physical enrollment at the school site. Enrollment will not be official until the student has physically enrolled in the school. Being accepted through the lottery does not constitute physical enrollment. Further information will be forthcoming regarding the process for physical enrollment (location, time, information needed for verifying residency).