School Supplies

Uniform Policy

Imagine Foundations at Leeland Public Charter School is a uniform school. A higher standard of dress encourages greater respect for individuals, students, and others and results in a higher standard of behavior. Our dress code guidelines indicate appropriate school dress during normal school days. Imagine Foundations at Leeland Public Charter School reserves the right to interpret these guidelines and/or make changes during the school year.  Students are expected to follow these guidelines.

Every student in attendance shall wear the school uniform.

Required Uniform Purchase from Flynn O’Hara/Tops

Imagine Foundations at Leeland will return to the required polo logo shirt from Flynn O’Hara for the school year 2023-2024.  Grade bands (K-2; 3-5; and 6-8)  will be required to purchase the below assigned logo polo by color.

  • Kindergarten - 2nd Grades - Dark Navy Polo
  • 3rd - 5th Grades - Blue Polo
  • 6th - 8th Grades - Hunter Green

Sweaters/sweatshirts with the school logo must be purchased at  Flynn O’Hara Uniforms.



All bottoms must be tan or khaki in color and must be worn with a belt at the waist unless they have an elastic waist. Absolutely NO  jeans, leggings, sweatsuit pants, pajamas, logos, insignias, pictures, or messages.

  • Shorts - Must be worn at knee level.
  • Skirts, Jumpers, or Skorts - Must be knee level or longer. Polo must be worn under the jumper.
  • Plaid jumper (Grades K-5).
  • When wearing a school jumper:

*  White Peter Pan blouse.

*  Solid (ALL) brown, black, or navy blue shoes.

*  Solid (ALL) brown, black, and or navy blue, black socks, or tights.

  • Tights - Solid navy blue, white, or black.

Tops, including dresses

All tops must be white or light blue, plain oxford shirt, long or short sleeve.  School logo oxford shirts are optional this school year and may be purchased at Flynn O’Hara Uniforms.

Solid navy blue sweater (No patterns, name brand logos, additional colors, zippered or sweatshirt hoodies). Sweater with the school logo can be purchased at  Flynn O’Hara Uniforms.



Solid (ALL) brown, black, or navy blue shoe (i.e. Dockers, Loafers, Bucks,  Athletic, etc.).

NO open toe shoes, Crocs, Slides, Slippers, Foam Runners or light footwear that violates PGCPS Dress Code policy.

PE / Health Uniform

Scholars are to only wear this uniform when they have PE/Health.  The uniform noted above is NOT to be worn on Physical Education/Health days.  Schedules will be provided.

  • Royal blue sweatpants and shorts with or without the school logo on them.  School logo sweatpants and shorts are available for purchasing. (Optional purchase at Flynn O’Hara Uniforms)
  • Gold Moister Management t-shirt with or without the logo is required (school logo shirts and sweatshirts are available at Flynn O’Hara Uniforms)
  • Scholars will earn points towards their participation grade in Physical Education/Health for wearing this uniform to class, as expected.
  • P.E. Shoes - Solid (All) black and white tennis shoes with white or gum bottoms.